PMBC Clothing Order Form
Updated 1/20/2016
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Your club volunteers prefer orders through email to PMBC Clothing (with prompt delivery to a club ride or event), or sales at the quarterly club meetings. Mail this form with your check to the address below ONLY if the previous two options are impossible, and allow for delays in mail order processing.

Item Size (circle your size) Price
per Item
Number of
Short Sleeve Jersey Men's Club Fit   S   M   L   XL   2XL   3XL $60    
  Men's Race Fit   S   M   L   XL   2XL   3XL $60    
  Women's Club Fit   S   M   L   XL   2XL   3XL $60    
Sleeveless Jersey Men's   S   M   L $60    
  Woman's   S   M   L   XL $60    
Long Sleeve Jersey Men's   S   M   L   XL   2XL   3XL $70    
  Women's   S   M   L   XL   2XL   3XL $70    
Shorts Men's   S   M   L   XL   2XL $70    
  Women's   S   M   L   XL   2XL $70    
Bibs Men's   S   M   XL   2XL
(Large size currently out of stock)
Socks: PMBC Logo S/M   M/L   L/XL $5    
Socks: Cactus Design S/M   M/L   L/XL $5    
Baseball Cap: Yellow, Logo on front Adjustable $12    
Polar Insulated Bottles 20oz.   24oz. $12    
Shipping Add $7.50 for per item for shipping in Arizona
Add $15 per item for shipping outside
Arizona (within the continental U.S.)

Name: _________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________

City: _________________________ State: __________ Zipcode: ___________

Email: ____________________________ Phone: ______________________

Make check payable to:
Phoenix Metro Bike Club
P.O. Box 26788
Tempe, AZ 85285-6788