2018 Flagstaff Tour
Updated 5/20/2018

2018 Flagstaff Tour
June 22 - 24, 2018

Sponsored by Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club

Eventbrite - PMBC Flagstaff Tour 2018

Download the official Ride Flyer (Acrobat Format .pdf).

For photos from previous event see 2014 Flagstaff Tour Gallery.

With valley temperatures well into the triple digits, you will enjoy riding in the cool temps around Flagstaff, with highs in the high 70s and lows around 50.

This year, the ride weekend is Friday June 22 through Sunday June 24, 2018. There are three planned rides one on each of the 3 days.


  • Friday, 6/22/2018 - Sunday, 6/24/2018


  • $30 for PMBC, ABC, GABA, Bullshifters Members
  • $40 for Non-Members
  • Registration costs $10 extra after 4:00 p.m. 6/21/2018 so sign up early!


  • There are several options for lodging. Since the planned rides will start and end at Lake Mormon Lodge, that would be the best place to stay. Lake Mormon Lodge is away from the city and out in the forest just off of Lake Mary Road about 28 miles southeast of Flagstaff. It is cool and peaceful there, and you just may see elk and deer as you are driving or riding around. They have cabins that range in several sizes, hotel rooms, RV camping and tent camping. There is also a full service restaurant, pizza parlor and a bar with live entertainment there. The best reason for staying here is because this gives us 3 different ride routes that start and end here, so you don't have to drive anywhere in the morning just to get to the ride start.

  • The cabins and hotel rooms fill up fast during the summer because it is a popular getaway from the valley since it is so cool and peaceful up there, so make your reservations ASAP!!! Their phone number at the lodge is 928-354-2227. They don't always answer so leave a message, but keep calling back, as they are not always quick to respond to voice mail. You can check them out on the web at Many of their cabins are new and some of the older ones have been remodeled and fixed up. They are all nice and cozy with full amenities. A good idea is to get several folks to go in together and share a cabin. As I said, the cabins come in several different sizes.

  • Also note that they have a lot of weddings at Mormon Lake during the summer. When they have weddings booked, they put a blanket hold on all the cabins until about 3 weeks prior to the wedding. You can put your name on a waiting list for the cabins, or you can look at other lodgings. There are several Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO's), Bed-n-Breakfasts and other rental options right there in Mormon Lake and up and down Lake Mary Road. You are more than welcome to check with me (see my contact info below) and I can help coordinate lodging with folks looking to rent a multi-room house/cabin.

  • If you do not want to, or cannot get a room at Mormon Lake Lodge, you should be able to find one at the many hotels in Flagstaff. It is only 28 miles away so you could stay in Flagstaff and drive to the lodge to join us for the rides.

  • I will be staying at the RV campground at Mormon Lake Lodge in my RV. This will serve as ride head quarters. The campground is just across the street from the cabins.


  • All routes will be between 6700 to 7400 feet elevation. Maps will be provided. For maps and directions to a couple of additional routes if you'd rather, instead of the planned club rides, please see the ride flyers.

  • RIDE 1: Friday afternoon. For those who can make it up there Friday afternoon, the first ride will start around 4 PM and will be a 17 mile ride around Mormon Lake. This is a very scenic ride through the forest with a good chance to see deer and elk. It is a hilly ride with several moderate climbs and one big climb.

  • RIDE 2: Saturday morning. On Saturday morning we will roll out from Mormon Lake Lodge at 8:00 AM. The ride route will take us out to Lake Mary Road where we will head west toward Flagstaff. There are lots of rolling hills, some great descents, but some good climbs as well. Lake Mary Road has a great bike lane. The Lake Mary Chevron & convenient store just before you get back to I-17 on the corner of Lake Mary Road and Walapai Dr. will be our halfway point and our turn-around point. We turn around there and head back out to Mormon Lake Lodge. The total ride will be 55 miles. If you do not want to do the whole 55 miles, you can always turn around prior to the designated turn-around point. There is one convenient store along the route closer to the Flagstaff side which can be used as a rest stop if desired. If we have any non-riders who want to volunteer to do a rolling SAG stop for us, then we will pick up some drinks and snacks and setup a SAG stop out of the back of someone's car or truck. Otherwise, no SAG stop. The ride is very scenic with forests and lakes and green meadows surrounding the route. Maps will be provided.

  • RIDE 3: Sunday morning. On Sunday morning, we will again roll out from Mormon Lake Lodge at 8:00 AM. But this time we will head east on Mormon Lake Road away from Flagstaff. This route will be very similar to the Saturday ride, except that there are not always bike lanes in this direction but traffic is light so it should not be a problem. This route has heavy forest and has a couple of really big climbs, one of which we call "Widow Maker" !!! We will ride from Mormon Lake Lodge to Happy Jack Lodge which will be our halfway point and turn-around point. You can refuel on drinks and snacks and hit the restrooms at Happy Jack Lodge. That great descent that you encountered on the way out, turns into the "Widow Maker" climb on the way back, so be prepared !!!. This route is also 55 miles. Again, if we get any non-riders who want to volunteer, we will setup a rolling SAG stop, otherwise, no SAG stop.


  • There are several options for meals during the weekend. There is a full service restaurant and a pizza parlor there at Mormon Lake Lodge, or you can make the 28 mile drive into Flagstaff and patron one of the many restaurants in Flagstaff. Or... you can bring your own chicken, steak or burgers and come over to the camper with us and throw them on the grill and eat with us. We have full kitchen and grill so we are always cooking at the camper.

  • Saturday evening PMBC will be sponsoring our meal. It will be cooked at my camper in the campground and all are welcome to eat and hang out with us. The meal will be spaghetti & raviolis, meatballs, garlic bread and salad. Water and iced tea will be available but you might want to bring what you like to drink. We will start cooking around 5 PM and eat whenever it is ready. You are also welcome and encouraged to bring a side dish or desert and share with everyone.


  • We have Blu Ray and DVD players along with two flat screen HD TV's and DirecTV capability so we may be watching movies after dinner at the camper Friday & Saturday night, or like last year, light up the bonfire and just hang out. All are welcome to join us.
  • Evening drives right around dusk and just after are great times to spot elk and deer wondering around.
  • For some afternoon activities other than bicycle riding, Mormon Lake Lodge has horseback riding available and fishing in the local pond.
  • There are a few hiking trails around, and the forests are full of service roads that are great for ATV riding, so if you have one bring it we will most likely bring ours and make some afternoon rides.


  • There are two easy routes out of the valley to get to Mormon Lake Lodge. The simple way from Phoenix is to take I-17 north all the way to Flagstaff. Just as you approach Flagstaff, take exit 339 onto Lake Mary Road, and head right/east. It should be about 26 or 27 miles to Mormon Lake Road West Side, which will be on the right. Take the second Mormon Lake Road. Either road will get you there the first one takes you around Mormon Lake, and the second one takes you more directly to the lodge. This should take you about 3 hours from Tempe.
  • The other route would be to take Hwy. 87 or the Beeline Highway up through Payson, Pine, and Strawberry, and then when you get to the Happy Jack area, turn left onto Lake Mary Road. Stay on Lake Mary Road for around 28 or 30 miles and then turn left onto Mormon Lake Road. The lodge will be down a mile or so, on the right. This route should also take around 3 hours from Tempe.



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