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Updated 7/28/2013

Welcome to the Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club website.

I started this website in early 1998 mainly so I would have online access to an up-to-date ride schedule for the Phoenix Metro chapter of the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association or GABA. GABA had chapters throughout the state of Arizona with member clubs in Phoenix, the West Valley, Prescott, Flagstaff, Kingman, and Tucson. The site began as a spin-off of the Tailwind Times newsletter and quickly took on a life of its own. Since the Tailwind Times was then published by/for the Phoenix Metro, West Valley, Prescott, and Flagstaff chapters, the website included information and ride schedules for all four of these chapters.

Over the years the GABA chapters in Kingman, Flagstaff, and Prescott were dissolved and eventually the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association ceased to exist as the remaining chapters went their own way, moving out from under the GABA umbrella. Although the Tucson club is named GABA Tucson and the West Valley club is known as GABA West Valley, the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association as an association of bicycle clubs throughout the state no longer exists. In May of 1998 the GABA Phoenix Metro chapter was incorporated as "The Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club, Inc." It is this club, also known as PMBC, that this website is devoted to now.

The Ride Schedule is a calendar of PMBC rides, major events, meetings, and social activities. The ride schedule also lists major bicycling events from other Arizona bicycle clubs and organizations that may be of interest to PMBC members.

In addition to the ride schedule, this site contains detailed information on PMBC's Major Events that take place throughout the year. The rides in this section are usually annual rides, centuries, or tours that are more than your average weekend morning ride. Most of these events will have support, food, sags and lots of riders and they will usually have a small entry fee.

The EMail Directory is where you will find a list of PMBC members and their email addresses for correspondence. This list contains only PMBC members that choose to be listed here.

If you have some bicycle related items that you want to sell or buy, then you may want to check out the Classified Ads section. Here you can view classified ads that have been posted by others or submit your own classified ad.

In The Hub you will read articles, stories, news, ride reviews, and reports submitted by others. You too can submit an article for inclusion in The Hub. I am always looking for articles to include in this section. Maybe you have a good cycling story to tell. Or perhaps you had a great experience on a ride that you want to share. Or how about a review on that latest cycling gadget that you just bought or cycling book that you just read. Perhaps you just got back from a week long tour in some far away and exciting place and want to let others know what a great time you had. Be creative and send in those articles!

The Photo Galleries page has a large collection of photo galleries documenting various club rides and events.

On the Arizona Cycle Links page you will find a list of links to Arizona bicycling sites. There are many web sites that have large lists to a whole hodge-podge of cycling links. However, on the Arizona Cycle Links page I have only included links to bicycle related sites here in Arizona. Here you'll find links to other cycling clubs and organizations in Arizona, links to Arizona government and municipal bicycling pages, links to Arizona bicycling maps, Arizona mountain biking links, links to bicycle shops throughout Arizona and more.

Are you worried what the weather might bring for your ride this weekend? You can get weather forecasts and current conditions around the state on the Arizona Weather page. You can also look up the sunrise and sunset times for the Phoenix area on the Sunrise / Sunset page.

If you have any articles, suggestions, comments, corrections, etc. for this site please e-mail them to me, Terry Wright.

Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club's newsletter, The Tailwind Times, was published monthly through August 2013. The newsletter is no longer published, but past issues are available online in pdf format.

PMBC does not make representations on the facts or information received from members and other cycling entities.

PMBC welcomes members and non-members alike to participate in our events.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Terry Wright
Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club About This Site